Your source for driftwood decor, either for you or your fish, reptiles, or amphibians!

I sell this type of wood at reptile shows in the St. Louis area, or with personal sales if you're interested in any of the pieces I have up on my site.

The main thing I find driftwood for is use in terrariums or aquariums for reptiles/amphibians or fish, but I'm not limited to just decorum for pets, driftwood can be used for garden decor/landscaping, woodworking projects, and modern art!

Projects, Examples, Uses

My Process

Finding, Cleaning, & Processing
  • Find the driftwood at the banks of rivers/lakes while avoiding the wildlife trying to sting/bite/eat me
  • Collect it and power wash it (light power washer as to not damage it too much)
  • In some cases, I'll soak the piece in water for multiple days if I feel there's something in it
  • Dry it in the blistering sun or oven until completely dry
Things to know
  • Any wood I clean/process is ready to go in a tank/space. If you want an extra layer of comfort, you can put the piece in your oven for a while at the lowest temp it can go.
  • If there is any burn marks on any driftwood, the wood has been in a fire before and has carbon dioxide in the wood. Do not put these pieces in aquariums with fish, as they can breathe in that carbon dioxide.

Where I'll Be

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